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Becoming a cat sitter – what you need to know

16 May 2021.

Do you love cats and have some spare time? Are you reliable, friendly and polite? Then you are well placed to consider becoming a cat sitter. Read Cat in a Flat‘s tips below to find out everything you need to know to become a cat sitter.

What exactly do you need to know to become a good cat sitter?

Cat sitting can be a very rewarding job. Before you get started, here are some important points for you to consider;

* Unless otherwise arranged, the travel time to your cat sitting job is not part of the booking time or payment. So, please always check the distance before accepting the job.

01. What are the benefits of becoming a cat sitter?

02. What are the traits of a fantastic cat sitter?


For more tips, read the Cat in a Flat blog here on what cat owners look for in a sitter.

03. Introductions as a cat sitter –  The free meet and greet


As part of the service you will be asked to meet the cat and the owner before the sitting starts. This is usually an unpaid courtesy visit. And as first impressions count we have put together a few must-do tips:

Can you make money pet sitting?

Cat sitting offers an excellent opportunity to earn extra income while looking after cute cats. How much you earn depends on how many clients you can take on and how much demand there is in your area. Being available during busy periods makes it more likely that you’ll earn money as a pet sitter. The summer holiday months, Christmas and public holidays are popular times for people to book a cat sitter. If your cat client and their owner like you, it’s common for them to book you again and again. Repeat bookings mean more opportunity to see your new cat best friends and earn money at the same time. 

How much can you earn as a cat sitter?

The amount you can earn as a cat carer depends on the level of cat sitting service you provide. Most cat sitters charge £8 to £15 for a once-daily drop-in at home service. A twice-daily drop-in cat sitting service costs £12 to £25. Cat sitters usually charge £15 to £50 for overnight cat sitting stays. You can look after more than one household of cats at a time if they only need drop-in sitting visits. Many cat sitters also charge a little extra for additional services such as watering the plants. More expensive cat sitters tend to be the ones with more experience and who can administer medication. 

Is being a cat sitter worth it?

Cat caring is incredibly rewarding. It is absolutely worth being a cat sitter, and not just for the extra money. It’s also a fantastic way to meet new cats and be part of a cat-loving community. In addition, forming a bond with a cat client and getting to know their owners bring cat sitters vast amounts of satisfaction and joy. Cat in a Flat offers the opportunity to book a local cat sitter, so it connects people with cat lovers near them. The extra income is a great bonus, but most pet sitters do it for the love of cats. 

How do I start my own pet sitting business?

Starting a pet sitting business can be challenging. The best way to start is through a trusted cat sitting platform such as Cat in a Flat. Cat sitters can build their profile, connect with people locally and advertise their availability. We also offer a Cat in a Flat Guarantee to protect all cat sitters and cat owners. We also ask all of our cat sitters to agree to a Code of Conduct. Using a reliable platform that thousands of people trust mean you can start cat sitting with peace of mind. And you have access to hundreds of cat owners who might require your services. 

We look forward to welcoming you as a cat sitter at Cat in a Flat =^.^=

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Becoming a cat sitter FAQs

Where can I sign-up to become a cat sitter?

Before you sign up to be a cat sitter, make sure to learn what the job entails. As well as cuddles and play, you will also have to feed your cat client and clean the litter tray and bowls. Each cat sitting visit should last at least 20-40 minutes; it’s a job that demands time. You can read up on whether cat sitting is right for you on the Cat in a Flat blog and by checking our Code of Conduct. Once you’ve made up your mind, go to the Register page to get started building your cat sitting profile.

What qualifications do I need as a pet sitter?

To be a cat sitter, you don’t need any qualifications, but cat owners will expect you to have experience in cat care. If you have qualifications, make sure to include them on your cat sitting profile to attract more cat owners. Cat sitters profiles should include whether you have a cat, have looked after cats before, and any experience in grooming or administering medication.

How much should I charge for cat sitting?

The best way to see how much to charge is to look at other cat sitters in your area. Your price should be around the same amount as other cat sitters. If you have qualifications or a lot of experience in cat care or are police checked, you can probably charge a little more than average. However, when you start, you might want to price yourself competitively to win your first clients. Once you have a collection of glowing reviews, you can consider increasing your cat sitting charges. For one daily drop-in service, most cat sitters charge £8 to £15. Cat sitters usually charge £12 to £25 for twice-daily drop-ins. And for overnight cat sitting, most pet carers charge £15 to £50.

Why choose a cat sitter from Cat in a Flat?

Cat in a Flat sitters are a reliable and trustworthy choice for cat owners. All of our sitters agree to a Code of Conduct and are covered by the Cat in a Flat Guarantee to protect everyone if something goes wrong while you’re away. Cat in a Flat also encourages our community to provide honest reviews, so you can check that other cats and cat owners have had a good experience with a sitter.

When should I consider booking a cat sitter?

Cat sitters are a helpful resource for cat owners for many different occasions. Trips away from home for holidays or business trips are among the most common reasons people book a cat sitter. Cat owners can also book a sitter to look after their cat if they are unwell, recuperating from an illness or have to go into hospital for a while. Many cats benefit from a visit from a cat sitter during the working day, especially kittens, elderly or infirm cats. As many people return to the office after a long period of working from home, their cats might suffer from separation anxiety. A pet sitter can help alleviate the stress of cats who don’t like being left alone by popping in once a day to spend some quality time with them

What should I look for in a cat sitter?

Cat sitters should be trustworthy, reliable and interested in your cat. Most cat sitters love the job because they get to meet cats and other cat lovers. Talk to prospective cat sitters about what they get out of the job and what they know about cat care. The majority of cat owners prefer a carer who has a lot of experience looking after cats. Look for cat carers who are quick to reply, enthusiastic, and have good reviews from other cat owners. For more tips, read the Cat in a Flat blog on what to look out for in a cat sitter.

What insurance do I need for cat sitting?

Cat sitters don’t need to be insured to take on cat sitting jobs. However, cat carers should make sure they are covered and protected if something goes wrong while their cat client’s owner is away. That is why cat sitting with Cat in a Flat is a good idea – our Guarantee offers reassurance and protection to cat carers and their clients.

How much does pet sitter insurance cost?

The cost of pet insurance varies depending on your work and the amount of money you make. The most basic form of pet insurance starts at around £5-6 a month and will usually cover pet fees and the costs associated with losing your client’s keys. However, if you use Cat in a Flat, our Guarantee is automatically included and covers many things that could go wrong during cat sitting.

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