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  • Staycation holidays: the top UK destinations

    If you’re planning to holiday at home this year, find out where to head with Cat in a Flat’s guide to the best UK staycations. Don’t forget to book your cat sitter!

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  • Six cat breeds that cause the least allergies

    It is a sad fact that many cat lovers find living with a kitty impossible because of allergies. But are there some breeds that don’t trigger allergic reactions? Cat in a Flat finds out

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  • Fun kitty facts in time for International Cat Day

    To celebrate International Cat Day, Cat in a Flat has taken a deep dive into our kitty data to reveal the UK’s most cat-loving town, top kitty names, and who wins the Oxford versus Cambridge cat race

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  • The best cat books

    Cat in a Flat reached out to our community to find out which books featuring cats have ignited your imagination. Below are some of your favourites; we hope there is a book there for everyone to enjoy

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  • The best cat films to watch now

    There is nothing more comforting than a good film and with the world self-isolating, entertainment is more important than ever. Find new movies to watch with Cat in a Flat

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  • Why cats are good for your mental health

    Most cat owners agree that furry friends have a positive effect on wellbeing, especially as the world self-isolates. Here Cat in a Flat looks at the ways in which cats can be good for mental health

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  • Cat Sitter Diaries – Ayden M

    The lovely Ayden works in the art department for TV & film, she is also a part time blogger. In her cat sitter diary Ayden tells us all about why she loves cats and how cat sitting has nicely fitted around her busy lifestyle… Why did you want to become a…

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  • Cat Sitter Diaries – Anne C

    The wonderful Anne, started cat sitting when she retired. Here’s what she has to say about ‘the best job in the world!’ Hi, I’m Anne and I’m one of Cat in a Flat’s cat-sitters. I became a cat-sitter because, after taking early retirement from teaching, I had some time on my hands – and,…

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  • Cat-Parent Varieties

    When you’re a proud new cat-parent of the cutest bunch of fluff in the city, it’s hard not to share the odd Instagram isn’t it? Gazing forever into those cute shiny eyes, those tiny fluffy kitten feet…

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